At Geeks4Hire, Inc. we provide a full range of technical support for individuals and small businesses. No job is too small for us: from connecting your phone or printer to your computer or network, to full blown server installation with domain authentication – we can help you. Our service is customized to your needs, so there is no standard pricing, but typical charges for individual clients are generally less than $200, and can often be $100 or less. Some of the services we routinely provide to our customers include:

A Standard Cleanup

(in your home/workplace)

If your computer is sluggish or “running slow”, we can fix that!

This service includes a disk cleanup, spy-ware removal, windows update, system evaluation for recommendations on potential upgrades and system speed optimization.

“Wow, thanks so much Will! I appreciate the information”.  after providing info for no charge on how to make browsers more private, NH, 7/15/2013

Virus Removal

(assuming reformat not required)

Are you getting pop-ups, or frequent freezes or “blue screens”?
Chances are you have some sort of “infection” on your computer. We have over 12 years of experience in successfully removing just about any type of infection you can imagine, from Trojan-horses, to viruses, to root-kits. We have seen it all and know how to get rid of ‘em for good!

Software Reinstallation

(excluding operating system)

Got a new program to install and don’t want the hassle of setting it up?
You provide the program, we do the rest! We’ll set it up, configure it, and even provide some basic training on just about any program you can think of. Our technicians have installed and used software all the way from for image and video editing, to music players and editors, to office applications, to financial software and everything in between. Call us, we can help!

“Thanks Will! You’re so awesome! ” … after unsolicited office visit a Saturday to restart server. NH. 2/28/2011

Operating System Reinstall or upgrade

Your system is not very old, but a new operating system is out, and you want it!
We can upgrade your system to the “latest and greatest”, making the transition painless by moving all your programs, files, printers, etc. from the old to the new.

New System recommendations and Set-up

Want a new computer, but don’t know what you should buy?
We will help you pick the perfect system for your needs, AND set it up for you in your home or workplace. We transfer files from you old system to new, connect your new system to your network, set up your printers and e-mail, and install any other software you provide. You’ll save our fee many times over by not buying more than you need!

“Thanks for all your help, Will. Email is working great, and everything seems to be there.”, business client, after installation of new system and e-mail transfer; NH,4/17/2014

Call for quotations on hardware or operating system upgrades

Because of our unique relationship with our vendors, we can often purchase/install hardware or software upgrades (hard drives, video cards, CD-burners, operating system upgrades like Windows 7 or 8, or Mac OSx, etc.) for less than you can purchase the software!

Thank you for taking the time to give us these instructions”, business client, 1/26/2010

Home/small business Networks

We specialize in wired and/or wireless networks for homes and small businesses, ranging from simple peer-to-peer networks all the way to domain authenticated server installations. Call us to discuss your needs and we will visit your location free of charge to assess your needs so we can provide a custom quotation optimized to satisfy your requirements.

“That IS amazing! You are awesome! :)”, after obtaining free license for Office 2013 for non-profit client, NH, 03/21/2014

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Thanks Will, you provided great support and were instrumental to get this to a “wining format”!  OA, business client 01/16/2015