“Many thanks for your help and your patience …  “ Individual client, ES, 1/4/2015

“You’ve done a great service for me.  It’s been wonderful!” Individual client, RC, 01/05/2014

“Thank you for taking the time to give us these instructions”, business client, 1/26/2010

“Thanks Will! You’re so awesome! “ … after unsolicited office visit on a Saturday to restart server. NH. 2/28/2011

“Wow, thanks so much Will! I appreciate the information”… after providing info at no charge on how to make browsers more private, NH, 7/15/2013

“That IS amazing! You are awesome! :)”, after obtaining free license for Office 2013 for non-profit client, NH, 03/21/2014

“Thanks for all your help, Will. Email is working great, and everything seems to be there.”, business client, after installation of new system and e-mail transfer; NH,4/17/2014

“YOU ROCK!!!”, Business client, LZ, after rapid registration of new domain

“Thanks.  I love my new system and the great sound!!!” , Individual client, ES, after installation and setup of new system, 2/17/2008

“Thanks Will, you provided great support and were instrumental to get this to a “wining format”! OA, business client 01/16/2015


  • avatar image Fran MacAllister 08 May 2015 Reply

    Thanks so much for your help, Will. I think you are a genius!!

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Thanks Will, you provided great support and were instrumental to get this to a “wining format”!  OA, business client 01/16/2015